How This Will End

by Acolyte

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released April 18, 2017

Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Shane Mayer
at Cerebral Audio, March & April 2017
All music, lyrics, & art by Acolyte
Cover by Chris Smith for Grey Aria Design Studio

Chris Smith - Guitars
Alex Voldeck - Percussion
Evan Kunkle - Bass
Nick Burns - Vocals

Guest vocals on "Surrender" & "Loss" by Adam Bailey
(Slaves BC/ex-Meth Quarry)

Limited CD version will be available soon via Preserving Silence Records



all rights reserved


Acolyte Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Surrender
There is nothing left for you to say
The deed is already done

You can't take it back
You've made you decisions
The past brought you here
Sit in silence

But it is deafening
Bitterness is here for you
Like wolves on a hunt
There's no escape

What part are you not getting
There is no place for you
Just sit back and
Lose self control

There is no place out there for you
So just give up the search

There's no taking it back
Your choices are made
The past is now your present and you can't hear a thing
Bitterness is here
It's at your door
The wolves are circling
Give up hope

Give up hope...

And when you're left just to wonder why you are here
you quickly realize your life is led by fear

Led by fear...

And when you're left just to stare
To stare at the wall
I now know that I have said it all
Track Name: Hesitation
So remember what I told you that all things must end
No matter what it meant no matter what is left
So I'll take a step back to watch you wish you could
Take it all back but what's left

A broken beaten man who can't spread the truth
Eye for an eye when you're already blind

With nothing to give
You just give in
An eye for an eye
What is it you can see
When you're already blind
It's time to take what's mine

Living for the moment and you're dying in the next
You should take the warnings there is not much left
What you have created is just a will to die
So stay true to your word and just take your life

So end all of your pain
And you backed down
When you've had every chance some of us
just aren't meant to live

You burden everyone that surrounds you
You know that we are all sick of
Defending cowardice acts and there is no way
You cannot see this just look back and

Tighten the rope when your life flashes before your very eyes
What will you see

A life
Of betrayal
Track Name: No Sympathy
You think your life had meaning
You think you made a difference
Nothing ever changes
Nobody ever lasts
If you think you'll be remembered
You won't be for long
Because when you are gone
For the rest of us

Life goes on

Living life like you've suffered
But we all see through it
Living life like you're a victim
But you're caught in your own lie
Sitting at home by yourself
Wondering if it's all worth it
Keep craving that sympathy
Until the day you're dead

Until they find you hanging
With a rope around your neck
I cannot be at peace
Until you are

Dead and gone

Without a trace
Track Name: Deeper The Grave
Everything you've ever done
Your haunted past it's coming back
No one can help just save yourself
Advice was just words to you

Everything we said was words to you
Now you're trying to take it all back
Your tears are making a path
Straight in to your grave

Love lost in your rain of egotism
This storm will not ever stop
Now you're drowning in the thought that
You will always be alone
Be all alone
Always alone

There's no one left to manipulate
They've turned their backs on you now
There's no one left to save your life
To save your life

Everyday your mistakes
The hole just gets deeper
Deeper the grave

The procession has begun
Victims will carry your coffin
That lonely feeling it is no more
Now you commiserate with worms and the dirt

You are no longer all alone
Deep in your grave
Track Name: Loss
Love was not on my side not tonight
I can't think of better days

Sitting here what went wrong
The time was mine to waste

If I could change what is now done
I can't think of a better way

What have I done there is no end
This misery was mine to taste

You're in denial coming to terms
Blind to this bitterness

It fell out of control out of my hands
All I feel is helpless

I tried my hardest to feel
Something that was never real
This was all doomed to be
If only you could see

You won't have to feel the loss
You don't want to face
What comes next
You don't want this at all

You won't have to feel the loss
You don't want what's next
You won't have to feel the pain
Of what comes next

I would walk right over you if I ever had the chance
There's no holding me back any longer
This casket is now closed

It's your loss